How much do influencers really charge on Instagram & Youtube? Find out!

Recently, we conducted a survey to find out how much do influencers really charge, so that the next time you are running an influencer marketing campaign, you are not lost with respect to pricing and have some reference to fall back on.

Please note:
  1. Winkl's influencer community largely comprises of content creators and not celebrities. Celebrities tend to charge more for the same follower buckets.
  2. These prices should only be used for reference and not actuals. The actual charges may vary depending on a host of factors.
  3. Good content creators charge a premium of at least 20% to 40% as compared to the below rates, so keep that in mind while budgeting for your campaign.
  4. The respondents of the survey represent a diverse set of content creators across various niches and skill levels.

Survey Chart
Survey Chart

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